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Please dont waste your money!!


The app is not working not even launching i paid .99


When i open this app and paste the url, the app is crash.

Does not work

Dont waste your money. Does not work.

dnt buy

i want my money bck 99 cent bck. this shi keep crashing tf

Keeps quitting!

when I post the link it crashes and closes the application immediately!! Please fix , this is so annoying:( :(

Im confused?

Am I doing this wrong? I feel like this is a good app based on the other reviews but, it keeps telling me to go into Instagram even when Ive already copied the link. A little frustrating.

It wont stop crashing

Every one I put in the url it crashes its so annoying

Dont waste your money!!!

Bad application!!

Bad app

It crashes for real it is not a good app at all, it is a rip off app


Easy and simple use ;)

Waste of money

The app is basically a waste of money... Works the first time and after that it just keeps crashing! MAKE AN UPDATE TO FIX THIS PROBLEM OR GIVE EVERYONE A REFUND !!!

Do not buy!!!

It does not work. Waste of money.

Great app

Great app but crashes sometimes.


Ios 9 and iPhone 6. The app crashes every single time I try to download a video.

n ta funcionand com o iphone6

Crashes way too much

I payed for this app and when I try to download a video off Instagram it either crashes (most of the time) or just doesnt download it. Please fix this.


I payed for this? It seemed so easy but it crashes. After probably 20 tries still doesnt work. Dont buy.

Love it

Please update with iOS 9 support. Crashes occasionally

Want my Money back

Downloaded this app to save an old video from my Instagram to my phone... Copied the link like it said, and all it says is file not found. Bullsh*t. How do I get my money back?

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